Sagopa Kajmer İngilizce Biyografi

Yunus Özyavuz was borned in 1978 in Samsun.
-First he started DJing in a local radio in Samsun.
-In 1997 he came to Istanbul for his university education. "ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY PERSIAN LANGUAGE & LITERATURE"
-In 1998 He started his music studies by setting up his own music studio called "KUVVETMIRA".
-In year 1999 he attracted the most attention when he appeared as "SILAHSIZ KUVVET" which is his first project and , in the first turkish rap album which various performers were attended called "Yeralt Operasyonu".
-In year 2001 he released his first album as SILAHSIZ KUVVET "Sözlerim Silahm".
-In year 2002 his second album was released SILAHSIZ KUVVET "Ihtiyar Heyeti".
-In 2002 He created "SAGOPA KAJMER". He released the album that has the same name of him.
-In year 2002 he made the production of Ceza "Med Cezir" album..He produced all the beats himself.
-In year 2003 he completed his new album "Bir Pesimistin Gözyalar" and in year 2004 he released a double album that lasts 150 minutes. He attracted big attention by creating a brand new sound.
-In year 2004 he was the producer of FUCHS "Huzur N Darem" album.
-In 2004 he produced some tracks of original soundtracks of the Cem Ylmaz film called "G.O.R.A.". He shooted a video to track "Al 1'de Burdan Yak"
-Dj Mic Check is the pioneer of "turntablism" movement in Turkey.(scratch show with records)
-After moving to Istanbul, besides his musical productions and university education he worked as a music director and Dj in powerful radios. He's still making a program in Power FM.
-He made some djing in h2000 ve j&b festivals. He made djing in various places in abroad.
Having an important musical accumulation and archive Dj MicCheck with his identity "Sagopa Kajmer" formed the "PESIMIST UNDERGROUND RAP" style, he proved himself to people from various groups, with the musical quality, lyrical richness and his impressive voice.
He also made some musical beats to foreign artists
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